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I Am a Resident

Man on Bike riding through Oregon

Why Rent From The Garcia Group?

As a Resident, you want to know what kind of service you can expect when you lease from The Garcia Group. We pride ourselves on our Resident Appreciation Philosophy (RAP) and consistently strive to make things easier for you. Our Portfolio Managers are trained to provide positive communication, knowledgeable feedback and responsive service to your requests.

Ultimately, our business is to facilitate the living experiences of the Residents, the maintenance of the properties and the investments of the owners, along with keeping an eye on the well-being of our staff and the quality of work from our vendors. Every day we experience new challenges.

Simply put, our RAP means we believe the Resident is the central figure in that relationship. We aim to manage Great Rental Properties with Residents who enjoy their quality of life and know they are valued, and we want our RAP to be more than rhetoric. So we work hard to put it in practice.

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