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Vanessa Finley

Vanessa Finley

Office Manager
(Ext 6)

Vanessa was born and raised in Portland and she has always enjoyed exploring her hometown. From the art galleries to the cafés and restaurants – she has been to them all. Yet, it wasn’t until she graduated from St. Mary’s Academy that she discovered her true passion. At the growing age of 18, Vanessa was introduced to property management and has since developed her career within the industry.

Just like her exploration of Portland, she has ventured through many aspects of property management and real estate, but she’s found her favorite role to be in accounting/office administration. The Garcia Group is extremely fortunate to have Vanessa as our Office Administrator.

Vanessa focuses on the financials; keeps the systems functioning and she approaches and resolves any accounting concerns as they come up. With excellent customer service skills and a keen eye for detail, she is a key player on our team. With her commitment to personal development, she helps us to succeed immensely in managing properties throughout the Portland Metropolitan and surrounding areas. Her focus on the numbers and commitment to the overall professionalism of The Garcia Group plays a significant part in creating an excellent experience for both owners and tenants.

Karla Hoffart

Karla Hoffart

Portfolio Manager
(Ext. 2)

Karla has over 20 years of experience in both the accounting and construction industries. Her extensive knowledge is equaled only by her attention to detail and a “forensic approach” to getting to the bottom of things.

Property Management is complex, with multiple layers. Managing work flow, triaging emergencies, keeping detailed records and customer service is a daily balancing act. “Tenants can be upset at times when they call us. Owners can occasionally get frustrated. I find it rewarding to be the calm in the center of their storm. My husband is in construction and I worked with him for years, so I know many of the service vendors well and trust them to provide an accurate evaluation of the cost and timeline.”

Lindsey Pykonen

Lindsey Pykonen

Portfolio Manager
(Ext. 5)

Lindsey Pykonen has lived in the Portland-Metro area since 1998. Originally from Southern Oregon, Lindsey moved up to Portland to be closer to family. Lindsey is married and a mother of two. She enjoys watching both of her children compete with their hip hop dance team, camping and spending time with her family and friends.

Lindsey began working in the Property Management industry in 2004 where she was a leasing agent at a 608 unit apartment community. From there she went on to manage her own property in North Portland. She then began to specialize in affordable housing. In 2015 Lindsey received her CPM designation while she was working at a project base section 8 community. Lindsey made the change to private rentals in 2016 and has enjoyed all that it brings.

“I enjoy being there for both the tenants and the owners. When an emergency arises, we are typically the first to be called. I find that being able to talk someone through the drama and help them fix the problem is rewarding. As a Portfolio Manager, I never know what the day may bring – but I enjoy knowing that everyday will be different. I believe that you have to do what you love, and love what you do!”

Lea Landwehr

Lea Landwehr

Portfolio Manager
(Ext. 8)

Lea has experience managing virtually every type of residential property – houses, condos, mobile homes, plexes, and apartments – and a few commercial properties thrown in for good measure. Lea is an Oregon licensed property manager, as well as a Certified Property Manager candidate; active member of the Institute of Real Estate Management. She teaches classes on property management to REALTORS and strives to attend every function available to keep current on property-related issues.

Lea has been involved in the industry since high school. She comes from a family of landlords and is one herself. They are all “self-made” landlords who started from the bottom. Through hard work, wise investment, and good management, she believes rental property is proof that the American Dream is alive and well. “Someone smarter than I once said that you almost can’t over-communicate in this industry and I believe that. I manage every property as if it were my own.”

Ryan and Liz

Ryan and Liz Rockwood

Community Managers
(Ext 7)

Liz and Ryan are the On-site Resident Managers at the Tualatin Woods Apartments. They have been living at Tualatin Woods for nearly 10 years (they lived in a town-home prior to becoming the managers) and they have very much enjoyed calling it home, and being a part of the community. They work hard to maintain the complex.

Additionally, Liz Rockwood serves as a Assistant Community Manager for 3 small sub divisions. She has a deep background in social services and is an excellent communicator – always maintaining a calm voice, no matter what the situation. Liz is trained in a multitude of software systems and procedures, and her familiarity and knowledge of our vendors helps get the job done, whatever it is, in a timely manner. When issues arise that need extra attention, she is a competent go-to person and a valuable asset to The Garcia Group staff.

Lea Landwehr

Ron “RW” Wantland

Ron (RW) is a native Oregon and has lived in Portland most of his life and his entire family all live in Portland. A graduate of Portland State University, he has bachelor degrees in both Business Administration and Psychology. He also played Division I college baseball and was a professional ski instructor.

After many years in the financial services and retirement plan industries, Ron entered the property management field as an on-site community manager. Attention to detail, process improvement, systems optimization and financial acumen are just some of Ron’s strong suits. He strives to make everything run smoothly and to be there as a great teammate willing to help everyone.

RW’s responsibilities include; new application processing, work order scheduling, unit inspections and anything else that needs to be done. “I feel blessed to have found such a great group of people to work with and to be able to help both future and current tenants.”

Megan Hannah

Megan Hannah

Leasing Coordinator
(Ext 1)

Megan is working as our leasing agent while also obtaining her Oregon Real estate license. Megan moved to Portland 3 years ago from Eugene where she studied advertising and multimedia at the University of Oregon.

As the leasing coordinator Megan oversees scheduling viewings to potential renters, photographs and videos our vacancies, and manages day to day leasing activity. “I place a great deal of importance on helping people find their next home. As a member of the Garcia Group team, I strive to keep vacancy rates low for our owners as well as provide prompt and informational service to our potential renters. Meeting new people all over the city every day is a wonderful way to make a living.” Outside of the office her hobbies include exploring the many activities that Portland has to offer, traveling around the Pacific North West, and hiking with her dog.

Amber Clark

Amber Clark, REALTOR®

Business Development Manager
(Ext 1001)

Amber comes from a family of contractors and has been closely involved in many projects over the years that have allowed her to collect a wealth of knowledge that she has applied to her role as a successful REALTOR. From those charming turn-of-the- century remodels to the ins and outs of new construction, she has exceptional real estate experience and she is eager to share it with clients. She is an excellent communicator, and she is also fluent in Spanish, with a Linguistics Degree from the University of Oregon.

“I’m very fortunate to have found a career that combines some of my favorite things: people and properties. Being a licensed Real Estate Broker allows me to meet new and exciting people each day. Whether I’m guiding owners through the complex matrix of hiring a professional management company or helping a first time buyer understand the maze of negotiations, inspections and escrows – I help them make their real estate goals a reality!

“Communication is everything. I see my role as helping clients navigate important real estate issues in a positive and pro-active manner and to look for ways to make the outcome a great experience.”

Amber Clark

Travis Taylor

Travis has extensive knowledge in both construction and remodeling. Prior to doing property maintenance, he worked in industrial construction and mining. Travis is a man who “will not give up” and he always strives to perform at the highest quality yet most cost efficient manner to insure repairs are done safely and on time. Even in his personal time, we can often find Travis remodeling and repairing one of his own homes. Travis has a perpetual smile and admits “I love making people happy. I just try to please everyone. From the owners to the tenants, I always want everyone to have a positive experience.” Whether it’s plumbing, electrical painting or carpentry, Travis is truly a “Jack of all trades.”

Amber Clark

Lori Stephens

Front Desk Coordinator

As the Front Desk Coordinator—and the first point of contact with tenants and owners—Lori applies her skills in communications. She directs the flow of messaging to staff and manages a wide variety of projects that support the company.

She came to The Garcia Group with experience in owning and renting her own property, and each day she learns more about the complex field of property management.

Across two decades in the publishing industry, she managed book projects that explored interpersonal communication, motivation, cognition, and Neurolinguistic Programming. She earned a BA in English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Oregon and is certified in TESOL, NLP, and animal behavior.

Lori is a native Oregonian who has lived in six West Coast cities, and her most memorable travels have included Stonehenge and Pompeii. She is the author of a suspense/mystery trilogy and has been an avid racquetball player since 1995.

Amber Clark

Mindy Deplanche

“There’s no place like HOME” may seem cliché, but it is so true when it
comes to living in Portland, Oregon.

Mindy has enjoyed living in Portland for over 25 years. She came to Portland as she was accepted to Portland State University with her dreams to be the first of her family to graduate from a University. She worked hard and put herself thru college while working as an intern at Allstate Insurance Company during the day and at La Costita Mexican Restaurant during the evening. She graduated with a B.S. in Psychology. Since graduating Mindy became interested in Real Estate and got her RE license. She comes to the Garcia Group with over 10 years of Real Estate Experience. She enjoys helping and working with people to accomplish their dreams of living in a nice HOME. Mindy has also lived all over the Portland Metro area, with residences in the SW Portland, SE Portland, and NE Portland areas. Each locale gave her a different perspective of the Portland Metro
Area and strengthened her knowledge as a real estate and rental property specialist. Mindy has always been about client service and attention to detail in every aspect of her work, and it is this quality and dedication she brings to rental property residents.